Tales from another world. From another time. In this chaotic landscape, two humans investigate rubble, trying to re-imagine, re-feel, what once was, what once were.


‘Hidden’ concludes the trilogy composed by Kokoro (2015) and iU an Mi (2017), which reflects on identity. This last piece takes a look at those things that define us, but which - over time - have been covered under the veil of the unconscious.

iU an Mi

Under the pretext of a funeral, I would like to talk about what people do when confronted withirreversible events, inevitable actions that we do not know how to cope with...


The search for love, its consistency and its absence. What is our ability or inability to love?


We all need a guide. Someone to follow, to look up to. Someone (or something) who clears the way and gives us a direction, whether it is correct or not.


Systems. Everything is about systems. Ourself is one of them. Behind his magnificent body hides the hidden universe of interconnected machinery.


Time itself brings to light the essence of things. Maybe evolution is due to an ongoing search that we are condemned to do.

Entre dos

"An object is created and after a while it is degraded. A person is born with a flexible body and it ages until losing mobility capacity. A sculpture is also a human body. A body that has emotions and moves."


Together to get there

An encounter between two, a hug, the feeling of the other, communication without words, the feeling of time immersed in a world created between two. A mutual support. A time that expands and stops as if it would never end.

A certain dream

Lali colaborates as a performer and movement director for the last Iwa’s shortfilm “A certain dream”.

Sa mateixa

The same image that is repeated to us and that is weaving the geometry of our collective memory. A complex, uneven memory. A memory without time, old and recent time. A memory that calls, that is silent...


Here. That is where we are at. (But) are we aware of what was before? Do we really know where we come from? We arrive in the now. A world which has been existing before anyone around us was there. A universe saturated with rules, norms, values, prejudices, cultural...

De camino al otro

This duet was born from an artistic encounter in the company Baro D’ Evel. It’ s the first time that Lali Ayguade and Julian Sicard work together and the initiative was to investigate a common language between dance and acrobacy.


Watching a discussion, being witness of a car accident, get into a historic building, having a celebrity nearby, attending a funeral, visiting an exotic country, talking incessantly about others, walking down a major street...

Works made for other companies

Die stille in mir

"Die stille in mir" is born from the commission of the composition of Miquel Marín and stands as a counterpoint to the Jerusalem piece. Lali, through a more theatrical choreographic writing, asks “How can we find stillness, peace within us and for ourselves?


After a long time of waiting due to the COVID-19 pandemic since Lali Ayguadé was invited by the KNCDC in 2019, she finally stages the piece Sublimation this year.

Those things that are hidden

“For past forward, the current production of TANZ Bielefeld, Catalan choreographer Lali Ayguadé, the Cologne-based acrobatics and choreographer duo Overhead Project, and choreographer Simone Sandroni grappled with Gerhard Bohner's first work, Angst und Geometrie.


In this world, we are constantly living with good and bad, with what it is right and what it is wrong, with beauty and ugliness…