7 November 2018

Lali to teach at the Disha Dance Festival

In January, Lali will head to Kerala in India to take part to the dance retreat Disha Dance Festival. Read the information below and enroll for this fantastic opportunity to work with both Lali Ayguadé [...]

17 October 2018|0 Comments

iU an Mi gets a nomination at the “Premis Butaca” 2018

We are thrilled to announce the nomination of our production iU an Mi at the “Premis Butaca” 2018. These awards sponsored by Diputació Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya, Fundació Sgae, Ajuntament de Barcelona and La Xarxa [...]

27 September 2018|0 Comments

HERE – Premiere on 29th September 2018

El 29 de septiembre estreno de HERE en el Teatro de las Esquinas / Zaragoza.

9 July 2018|0 Comments

iU an Mi at the Bolzano Danza festival in July

While Lali is starting her creation project at the b-12 festival this week in Berlin, together with Guilhem Chatir, we are getting ready for our next performance of iU an Mi. This time, the company [...]


23 November @ 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

HERE @ Girona (SP)

HERE (co-creation with Guilhem Chatir) Temporada Alta – Girona, Spain