Works — iU an Mi

iU an Mi


Performers: Anna Calsina Forrellad, Nick Coutsier, Marlène Rostaing, Diego Sinniger de Salas
Composer: Josep Baldomà.
Set designer: Xesca Salvà
Light designer: Fabiana Piccoli
Dramaturg: Jordi Oriol Canals
Director: Lali Ayguadé

Duration: 60 minutes
Coproduced by Mercat de les Flors, Temporada Alta and Festival Bolzano Danza | Tanz Bozen
Executive production by Elclimamola
With the support of Generalitat de Catalunya
Collaborators Sismògraf d’Olot,  Nunart, Graner – Fàbrica de creació, KLAP-estudio Kelemenis

Under the pretext of a funeral, I would like to talk about what people do when confronted with irreversible events, inevitable actions that we do not know how to cope with. About emotions prettied up by convention, about intimacies forcibly exposed to the group. How we look at others and how others see us. About the private and the social, the personal and the public.

We are all equal, we all go through the same things and we all need the same thing, yet still we persist in believing that we are different; in pretending we are special, unique. We all believe that fate holds something different in store for us. “It might happen to anyone, but it won’t happen to me.”

We are aware of the reality, but all of us are attracted by fantasy, we let ourselves be carried away by our imagination, and this is essentially our guide on the path of life. Because… there are so many questions to which we do not know the answer… We need to clarify what is dark, put a name to what we do not know, to everything we cannot explain – like life and death – even when this means using a new concept that we also cannot define, such as God, the Unconscious, Destiny, Soul, Spirit, the afterlife. And well, that way we have greater peace of mind.

But… What is real and what is imagined? What is the truth? Maybe that’s the problem: that the truth calls for too much imagination, it’s too abstract. Maybe that’s why humanity tries to avoid it, to leave it cloudy, hazy… Without thinking. Perhaps that’s why memory is distorted. Memory is inaccurate, and truth is replaced by fiction; by what imagination reveals to us.

Memory is, unfortunately, the only relationship we can have with the dead. And from death comes the unknown, the unidentified, the thing we do not know… And this is precisely how imagination and fantasy come about. And this idea can be extrapolated to how this fantasy marks our memory of the past, the unknown future and the radical and difficult present.

If the goal is that there should be some space in which we can live our lives, then memory should be defective and limited.
That we should forget. That our inevitable dead end, our fatal destiny, should be fuzzy and cloudy most of the time. Deformed. Deceived. We live in a fantastically imagined world. And this allows us to continue our misfortune, headlong towards death.

Anna Calsina (1987, Sabadell)

After studying at the ‘Institut del Theatre’ while pursuing Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, Anna started working with Roberto Oliván. From 2008, she moved in  Brussels where she collaborated with artists such as Bruno Caverna and Carlos Pez, Lisi Estarás (Les Ballets C de la B), a co-creation with Sabina Sclarlat (garage29), Boris Gibé, Camille Boitel, James Thierrée, a solo by Claire Ruffin and some short movies with Murielle Felix. Now she develops her own work “Objectif Pluton” with Manah Depauw and Benoit Armange. She is performing in “Monkey Mind” by Lisi Estaras and “When the dogs assailed their masters” by Rootlessroot. Anna started working with Lali Ayguadé in 2014 on the piece “Kokoro” and  “iU an Mi”.

Nick Coutsier (Brussels, 1993)

Nick Coutsier started his dance training at the age of 12, getting in touch with urban dance styles such as hip-hop and house dance. Over the next 5 years, he trained with small hip-hop belgian companies who led him to work as a commercial dancer for music videos and tv-programs in Belgium and France. After 6 months training in Los Angeles, in 2012, he entered the Artesis Plantijn Royal Conservatory for contemporary dance. Over the course of 3 years study, he got the opportunity to work on creations and repertoire of many choreographers including Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Wim Vandekeybus, David Hernandez and Damien Jalet. In 2015, graduated from the conservatory he started working with Lali Ayguadé, performing in the company production “Kokoro”. In 2017, Nick worked with the choreographer and set designer Theo Clinkard in the production “ This Bright Field”, and joined the cast of “Monument 0.4 Lores & Praxes” installation work by Eszter Salomon for the summer tour 2017. He is currently working with Lali Aguadé Company for the production “iU an Mi”.

Marlène Rostaing (1979)

Trained in theater and mime at the “École Marcel Marceau”, Marlène studies in Toulouse at the École du Lido as an acrobat and contemporary dance at the Centre James Carlès. She then keeps training with Joëlle Léandre, Cécile Loyer, Simon Abkarian, Yoshi Oida. She performed for Joëlle Bouvier, Josef Nadj, Aurélien Bory and currently for  Phia Ménard and Lali Ayguadé. She created her own company in 2016 with her second solo “Tragôdia ou Thésée-moi!”. Since 2010, she’s been performing improvised duets mixing dance, voice and music. She’s performed with Peter Corser (saxophone), Elise Dabrowski (Lyric singing and bass), Philippe Gleizes (battery), Dgiz (slam & bass), Elise Caron (singing), Julyen Hamilton (dance), Hasse Poulsen (guitar), Or Solomon (piano), Leïla Martial (singing).

Diego Sinniger (Barcelona, 1989)

After a training in Spain in Varium (Barcelona) and Cobosmika Seed (Palamós) in contemporary dance, added to his skills in hip hop, Diego Sinniger is developing its art combining both influences. He’s perfected his technique training in New York and Brussels as well. Among others, he’s worked with artists and companies as Cobosmika, Roser López, Ziomara Hormaetxe as a direction assistant and Lali Ayguadé.
Since 2016, he’s started created his own work with pieces as LIOV and DIS·CONNECT. Diego keeps investigating movement through martial arts, circus practice, photography and trekking.

Xesca Salva (Llucmajor, 1978)
Set designer trained at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona

In 2010-2011, she’s worked at the Plastikart studio (Cesena, Italy) creating and building sets for several projects for Fomeo Castellucci and the Societas Raffaello Sanzio.

She designs space, costumes and light for dance and theatre shows. As a scenographer and/or character designer, Xesca’s worked with different shows for the Corcada Company, Leandre Ribera, La Ruta 40 and in several productions with the Teatre Principal of Palma. As far as space and light design is concerned, she’s collaborated with several choreographers and dancers as Marcos Morau and Lali Ayguadé (2013. Portland – 2015. Kokoro), Manu Rodríguez (2014. Screensaver) and Mariantònia Oliver (2015. Encaixar) among others.

She’s currently working on her own projects with sound installations, as the project Cases, in residency at the Centre d’Art Santa Mònica (to be premiere at the TNT festival 2017).

JM Baldomà (Lleida 1976)
Musician, Sound Creator and Composer.

JM Baldomà plays piano since he was 4 years old. When he arrived to Barcelona, he soon started to play keyboards in many bands from alternative pop rock scene -recording albums and touring- and at the same time, he studied Audiovisual Communication at UAB and modern harmony, music production and piano at Aula del Liceu and Taller de Musics. He also has been writing, recording and producing original music for dance, stage theater performances, short animation movies and important festivals. He eventually plays grand piano for silent movies at Filmoteca de Catalunya, and does funny dj sessions for kids as DJ Gugugaga-Baboo Experience. In 2017, he released a debut album with his electronic-organic music duo Connectome, and played at Sonar Festival.

Original music produced for Lali Ayguadé Company: LITTLE ME, KOKORO, SABA and DE CAMINO AL OTRO

Fabiana Piccioli
Light designer

Fabiana Piccioli studied philosophy in Rome where she graduated in 1999, while training in ballet and contemporary dance. Between 2000 and 2001 she performed with a few dance companies in Belgium, and from 2002 she was back in Rome for the Romaeuropa Festival where she worked for 3 years as Production Manager. In 2005 she moved to London joining Akram Khan Company as Technical Director and Lighting Designer, touring with the company worldwide. Since 2013 she has been collaborating with many international artists and choreographers as Lighting Designer. Freelance based in London, working at present on a range of different scale projects including dance, theatre, concerts and opera.

Winner of the 2013 Knight of Illumination Award (Best Lighting Design in Dance)

Jordi Oriol

Actor, author and theatre director, Jordi has written more than fifteen theatre shows as ESQUERDES PARRACS ENDERROCS (TNC, 2017) with Carles Santos, L’EMPESTAT (Temporada Alta, 2015), SAFARI Pitarra (TNC, 2014), Home-Natja (Temporada Alta, 2010), Un tal ímpetu vital (Teatre Lliure, 2009), OBsessions (Sala Beckett, 2008), La caiguda d’Amlet (Temporada Alta, 2007), among others. As an actor, he’s worked under the direction of Ciro Zorzoli, Xavier Albertí, Carlota Subirós, Oriol Broggi, Jordi Casanovas, Pau Miró, Pau Carrió, Roger Bernat, Alex Serrano… And he’s also worked in movies and tv series. In 2007, he created the artistic collective Indi Gest with which he creates his own shows. He’s also received several awards, as Special Award of Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and inJUVE Award in 2007; the FAD Award-Sebastià Gasch: Aplaudiment a la creació emergent in 2011; his text “Muda muda” wins the third Catalan Dramaturgy Competition in Festival Temporada Alta in 2013; L’EMPESTAT was also awarded with the Theatre BBVA award in 2017.