Performers: Lisard Tranis, Lali Ayguadé
Artistic Direction: Lali Ayguadé
Director’s assistant: Fanny Cleyrat
Scenographer: Martina Cabanas
Scenographer’s assistant: Sergi Pérez
Costumes: Ferran Casanova, Cristian Betancurt
Artistic advisor: Jordi Oriol
Production and distribution: Big Story Productions
Lightning design: Conchita Pons
Photography: Nicolas Clausen

A co-production from the 2022 Barcelona Grec Festival and CDN POLE (Strasbourg, France).

Tales from another world. From another time. In this chaotic landscape, two humans investigate rubble, trying to re-imagine, re-feel, what once was, what once were. Intuiting what the past has been. Innocent people who now turn those ruins into allies, into games to understand reality. Runa highlights the beauty of this fragile past of which there is not much left, to hold on to life. Through abstract movement and the body related to dimensions and weight, these characters bring us back to the essence of what we are: beings affected by time. When the rune is in the mind, how do we move on?