Works—Die stille in mir

Die stille in mir



Coreography: Lali Ayguadé
Composition: Miguel Marín
Art and costume: Sebastian Ellrich
Lighting design: Johannes Paul Volk
Performers: Tommaso Balbo, Hampus Larsson, Andrea Martín, Laura Martín Rey, Noriko Nishidate, Alexandre Nodari, Ana Torre, Adrien Ursulet, Luca Völkel (Estudio Bielefeld), Andrea Zinnato


“Die stille in mir” is born from the commission of the composition of Miquel Marín and stands as a counterpoint to the Jerusalem piece. Lali, through a more theatrical choreographic writing, asks “How can we find stillness, peace within us and for ourselves? The rhythm of life begins with the first heartbeat. Very complex personalities where nothing is as imagined. Everything can go in a different direction. In this development, contact with the outside world is indispensable, that world full of people, full of chaos, where everything is in constant motion”.