Collaborations—Together to get there

Together to get there



Artistic direction and performers: Akira Yoshida & Lali Ayguadé
Music composer: Donald Beteille
Light Designer: Fermín Izko
Costumes: Ferran Casanova
Producción: Akira Yoshida, Lali Ayguadé
Distribución: André Barros, Akira Yoshida and Lali Ayguadé
Artistic advisor: Jordi Oriol Canals

“An encounter between two, a hug, the feeling of the other, communication without words, the feeling of time immersed in a world created between two. A mutual support. A time that expands and stops as if it would never end.

A transformation, a shift. Parts begin to fall, others to hold. That instant is forgotten and differences come to light; opposite poles, fragility and strength; the letting go and the desire for control. Balance and instability. The true human nature.”

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