KOKORO will be doing its Polish premiere this weekend !

12 June 2018|

Lali's first long-length piece created in 2015 will do its Polish premiere on 16th June at the Gdansk Festival. Kokoro, with Anna Calsina, Nick Coutsier, Kiko López (covering for Sergi Parés) and Diego Sinniger de [...]

Lali Ayguadé’s “Those Things That Are Hidden” in Bielefeld and Bremen until the summer

7 June 2018|

Lali's piece “Those Things That Are Hidden” for the Theater Bielefeld is part of the program “Past Forward", inspired by Gerhard Bohner’s work. It was premiered last April and and you can still catch it [...]

Lali Ayguadé and Guilhem Chatir are HERE.

28 May 2018|

Over the last few months, something pretty exciting has been cooking in studios and we are now glad to announce that Lali Ayguadé has been collaborating with Guilhem Chatir on their new production HERE, an [...]

Lali Ayguadé explores “Folks in movement” with Joana Gomila

23 March 2018|

Together with Magi Serra Forraste, Lali premieres today the fruit of her collaboration with music folk artist Joana Gomila at l’Auditori from Barcelona.  More information here.