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Sa mateixa

The same image that is repeated to us and that is weaving the geometry of our collective memory. A complex, uneven memory. A memory without time, old and recent time. A memory that calls, that is silent...

12 November 2018|

Those things that are hidden

“For past forward, the current production of TANZ Bielefeld, Catalan choreographer Lali Ayguadé, the Cologne-based acrobatics and choreographer duo Overhead Project, and choreographer Simone Sandroni grappled with Gerhard Bohner's first work, Angst und Geometrie.

7 November 2018|

Lali to teach at the Disha Dance Festival

In January, Lali will head to Kerala in India to take part to the dance retreat Disha Dance Festival. Read the information below and enroll for this fantastic opportunity to work with both Lali Ayguadé and Jorge Crecis. Taking place in the port city of Kochi (Cochin), Disha Festival brings an opportunity to immerse yourself in contemporary [...]

7 November 2018|

iU an Mi gets a nomination at the “Premis Butaca” 2018

We are thrilled to announce the nomination of our production iU an Mi at the “Premis Butaca” 2018. These awards sponsored by Diputació Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya, Fundació Sgae, Ajuntament de Barcelona and La Xarxa Communicació Local, were created in 1955 so as give the audience a voice. Support us: click and vote here (https://premisbutaca.cat/votacions/). [...]

17 October 2018|

HERE – Premiere on 29th September 2018

El 29 de septiembre estreno de HERE en el Teatro de las Esquinas / Zaragoza.

27 September 2018|


The search for love, its consistency and its absence. What is our ability or inability to love?

18 August 2018|


In this world, we are constantly living with good and bad, with what it is right and what it is wrong, with beauty and ugliness…

19 June 2018|


We all need a guide. Someone to follow, to look up to. Someone (or something) who clears the way and gives us a direction, whether it is correct or not.

30 March 2018|


Systems. Everything is about systems. Ourself is one of them. Behind his magnificent body hides the hidden universe of interconnected machinery.

27 December 2017|


Time itself brings to light the essence of things. Maybe evolution is due to an ongoing search that we are condemned to do.

27 November 2017|