After an intense workshop in Chiavari (Gate 8), Lali went to Pamplona for a new workshop of two weeks.

Lali gave an important workshop in La Faktoría, from the 6th of January to the 17th of January. La Faktoría is an international centre of creation, research and formation in contemporary dance located in Navarra, cerca de Pamplona.

This workshop aims to research transformation through physicality (one of the principal technics of Lali). It consists of a technical class (warm-up and phrases) to prepare both body and mind. Then work with improvisation based on certain guidelines and carry out personal and choreographic investigation designed to discover new routes for physicality. The workshop aims to learn how to use the floor to dance, emphasising the soles of the feet as the support for movement; to recognise where the weight is and where freedom can be found through phrases and improvisations. How to attain physical theatrality through rhythm and the voice.