Sublimation – Commissioned piece for KNCDC




Choreography: Lali Ayguadé
Choreography Assistance: Akira Yoshida
Music: Miguel Marin
Costume Design: Jeong Hojin
Dancers: Kwon Yohan, Ryu Jinwook, Seo Dongsol, Son Jimin, Yu Jaesung, Lee Daeho, Jung Jaewon, Jeong Cheolin

After a long time of waiting due to the COVID-19 pandemic since Lali Ayguadé was invited by the KNCDC in 2019, she finally stages the piece Sublimation this year. They Answer Our Own Gaze, a dance film made during the pandemic, featuring the choreographer and dancers performing at Sublimation, has attracted much attention; it has been invited to Korean and international film festivals such as InShadow – Lisbon ScreenDance Festival and Dance Camera West 2022. Ayguadé highlights the importance of overcoming the fear and revealing our own selves as an individual in society in this work. Sublimation depicts the process of looking inside our true selves and identity instead of being buried in groups we belong to.

Humans are desperate to hide their inner beings and take a calm attitude of defending them in order to protect themselves.

The inner self exists even though “hide-and-seek” is chosen as a strategy for survival in groups. It is in the body where the true self exists in a transparent way. The body becomes a means of revealing truth. Once the layers covering us are removed, everything starts to change and all kinds of worlds unfold as if a door is open. This is a place where there are happiness, sadness, kindness as well as coldness.